5 Trends to watch for in World Football Next Season

Football is a world-level game played in almost all the countries of the world. With the widespread diversification of the sport, several tactics, strategies, and improvisation skills have also been developed and modified by different football clubs and players. It has made the sport more challenging and has led to a variety of football trends. Football is a cyclic and innovative sport with the evolving methods and techniques of different club managers, making all the football leagues fascinating and changing.

5 Tactical Trends to Watch in World Football 2021

Following are the top five tactical latest football trends which can be seen in World Football 2021:

  1. Tiki-Taka

Tiki-taka is a Spanish football tactic featured by short passing and movement, moving the ball through various areas and channels, and maintaining the ball possession throughout the game. This form of game tactic was revolutionized by La Liga club Barcelona during manager Pep Guardiola. This has been one of the latest football trends being adopted by several football clubs. Tiki-taka is based on team unity and a comprehensive understanding of the space geometry on a football field. However, despite the attacking strategy and high ball possession in Tiki-Taka, it is condemned for making the game filled with mid-fielders with no strikers and defenders.

  1. Hot formation of 4-2-3-1

The 4-2-3-1 formation is a tactic played with four defenders, three central midfielders, one striker, and two attacking mid-fielders. It is sometimes called the ‘Christmas Tre’ formation as it looks like a Christmas Tree. Most of the attacking stuff happens in the middle of the pitch on the field. The tactic requires a very skilled defensive mid-fielder who has good ball distribution abilities. Also, the striker and the attacking mid-fielders should have the expertise to put the ball into the opposition’s goal. However, this tactic shall not be applied if the opposition has attacking full-backs. This tactic’s success can be achieved by a good attacker mainly who can rotate the ball and place it into the goal. It is an emerging football trend pursued by several football clubs after the success of AC Milan in winning two Champions League in 2003 and 2007 using these tactics.

  1. Long Throw

A long throw in the attacking third of the pitch can be as effective as a free kick or a corner kick. Long passes and throws offer greater accuracy in receiving the ball with immense opportunities for headers to pass the ball to the attacker so that he can take it to the opposition sector. This has been the latest football trend being applied and used by several club managers for their teams. For example, through his skillset, Rory Delap of Stoke City showed that a free kick or a corner kick is not necessarily required to place the ball into the goal. After the goal of Rory Delap, several clubs have created and modified different versions of long-throw or ‘cannon’ and have improvised it as per the on-field situation.

  1. Pitch Conditions

There have been several football league matches where teams change their home pitch conditions to give the opponent a disadvantage in playing. The tactics and the strategies of formations and playing on different grounds changes due to diverse pitch conditions. For example, AC Milan has the driest ground in all the football grounds of the world, which makes it difficult for teams like Barcelona to play on such grounds because their tactics and attacking skills are most useful in wet grounds with a good amount of moisture that helps in keeping good possession. Manipulating the ground conditions gives the host clubs a good advantage with reliable tactics being used by them.

  1. The False nine tactic

A team playing with a false nine generally plays without a dedicated striker or target man and relies on midfielders running deep to place the ball into the goal. Let us take Lionel Messi and Barcelona’s case, considering it is the most successful use of the system in football history. Playing with a false nine means that a team is not playing without an out-and-out forward or a proper No. 9, and thus, it marks a huge step away from the two-striker system, which was used approximately ten years ago. However, it’s important to understand the multiple progressive steps between such systematic shifts. Here, either the central defenders should follow the false nine and man-mark him, thus, not allowing him to participate in the build-up for ball possession. This would create a hole in the defense where the winger can move in, and the defense is split open with one good through ball. This is one of the emerging football trends being used by different football clubs around the globe.


With the diversification of the sport, the world of football has seen some tremendous football trends that have changed the game’s entire landscape. Teams have become more tactical and strategical with their performance due to diverse factors like pitch conditions, match location, weather conditions, etc., which affect the entire football match scenario. Every league match has a different strategical style from every other opponent due to the diverse playing styles adopted by different clubs. The football trends have made the game more fascinating and challenging, with billions of people following the game in the stadiums and homes throughout the world. Such dynamic trends have also made sports betting and football accumulator betting difficult. It becomes challenging for the punters to decide the outcome of the match before it gets played. There have been many instances in football where the underdogs have outcasted the favorites using different technical methods and skills. Thus, football teams in the World Football 2021 should consider the match conditions, match tactics to choose, and the pitch updates before deciding the formations for the matches.


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