Who should I start to build my Fantasy Football team?

Fantasy football is a game where the participants have to make an imaginary team out of their actual performance on the field. In this game, some participants become the manager of a virtual football team. The points are based on the real matches that are happening on the field. Football fantasy is an extremely competitive game and requires a lot of football knowledge to sustain it.

If you are a beginner, your basic and main question would be who to start a fantasy football team with? You have to be very careful as your team should sustain until the last week in the league and win the playoffs. Here are a few tips you might need before choosing your team –

  • Always remember to pick players who can get you points. Avoid the midfielders like N’Golo Kante, as you won’t get a good return from them. Pick players who can get points through goals saves, assists, etc.
  • Never go out of your budget and pay extra for the players at the bench. As long as the players are likely to sustain, choose players that will make an extremely strong team.
  • Always look forward and plan for the long-term. The game can take unexpected turns; therefore, you need to learn to react less to the recent happenings and learn to look for the future and fix the team.
  • Do not spend a lot on your goalkeeper. This is because you can save that money and use it somewhere else. Yes, a good goalkeeper can bring in points, but it also takes one of a quality team’s spots. So, it’s better to use the money elsewhere.
  • Salah, Kevin De Bruyne is some expensive players who scored very well against many teams. But do not be too clever when you choose your captain. Don’t choose someone who has scored maximum goals as you never know what happens to the player. The player’s performance does not remain the same every time, and therefore, you need to choose a player who can sustain the game.

These are a few ways you can create your Fantasy football team and sustain it in the premier league. Your team should be strong for fantasy football, and how to go ahead in the competition should be clear.

Best Start them, Sit ‘em advice 2021

Every team manager comes up with the question in fantasy football, who to start with this week? Every manager wants to a Start ‘em, sit ‘em advise. Here are a few pieces of advice mentioned below –

  • Always concentrate on the targets and the touches. You can have the best player, but he is of no use in your football fantasy squad if he does not move the ball.
  • Beware of the strength and weaknesses of your opponent team and then strategize your game.
  • Projected points are not the ultimate truth, so don’t make them your base.
  • Always keep a check on the injury reports for all the updates about injuries.

How to use “Who should I start” tools?

‘Who should I start’ is a tool that can compare the players using fantasy football PPR. It is an easy tool to use and see which player has a better ranking. You need to enter two players’ names you wish to check the ranking of and click on the ‘Analyze’ button. This gives the proper ranking of the players and their positions in the league. This helps you to know who you should start your lineup with.

How does fantasy football work?

Fantasy football is a game that lets you become a fantasy owner. Here is what happens in the game –

  • You can join a league, either public or private. You can just sign up for a spot in public, whereas in a private league, you need an invitation.
  • Prepare for the league draft by understanding the scoring system and other critical draft strategies.
  • Once you draft the team, you start building the fantasy football team.
  • Every week, your team will compete against some other team.
  • As you are the manager, you can take control and make improvements to your team.
  • If you are lucky enough and use good strategies, your team will reach the playoffs, compete and win the league. This lets you win a trophy and cash prize.

How to draft fantasy football?

It is important to draft a good fantasy football team to dominate the league. Here are a few steps that you should consider to know how to draft fantasy football –

  • Know the league rules like PPR, the points received at each position, roster position, the difference between snake draft and auction draft, and many other rules.
  • Make a smart move and draft the player before anyone else does.
  • Make a balance between your players’ upside and the players who have the consistency to remain safe. This will help your team dominate.
  • Always have a backup plan for the other backup plan. If one strategy does not work, you have a backup plan ready. But you cannot completely rely on this. The game can take a turn at any time, so always have another plan ready.


This game is a highly skilled based game that needs a very high knowledge about football and the teams and the players. You need to figure out all the players’ strengths and weaknesses to have a very strong lineup. You get the experience of becoming your team manager and how to take control of the players. As you are the manager, you can drop any player you want and replace them with others, or if any player has an injury, you can replace it with free agents.

This game’s ultimate goal is to sustain the whole league and be a part of the playoffs and win the league. And for this, you need high planning and plotting, which you have to do all on your own as you are not a real manager and you are not sending your team on the field. You are a fantasy owner, and you need to plot the whole game all on your own to win the league.

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